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1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 Subaru Legacy 2.5L New Aftermarket Mass Air Flow Meter (MAF 22680-AA160 / A36-000-R60 / 22680AA160) [MAF8387]


1991-1994 Subaru Legacy 2.5L New Aftermarket Mass Air Flow Meter
(MAF 22680-AA160 / A36-000-R60 / 22680AA160)

List Price : $220.00   Our price : $64.95
Product Code: MAF8387   Years : 1991-1994



 Please make sure that one of the interchange numbers listed below matches with the OE number engraved or printed on the part installed in your car. Otherwise our replacement part will not work for your vehicle.

Interchange Numbers:

Nissan Subaru Other
22680-AA160 A36-000-R60 74-10034
22680AA160 A36000R60 641655

This part will work for the following vehicles*:
*(Please compare our interchange numbers with the number on your part. They must match!)


Subaru Legacy 1991-1994 2.5L (non-turbo)
Subaru Impreza 1993-1998 1.8L / 2.2L
Subaru Legacy 1995-1999 2.2L / 2.5L

**may fit other vehicles if interchange number matches.


Installation Instructions


The air flow sensor also named air mass sensor measures the mass of air inducted by the engine (air flow mass) with great precision. The signal produced by the air mass sensor is used to calculate the amount of fuel injection and in the case of diesel engines also to control the recirculation of exhaust. It is important components in both the reduction of exhaust and air supply. A defective or dirty air mass sensor can deliver false input signals to the engines central control unit, which in turn sends false information to other components. In case of turbo diesels the air mass sensor is subject to particularly high burden due to the fact the both air flow rate and air speed are very high.


Technical Parameter

1. Output voltage: 1-5 V
2. Respond Time: <20MS
3. Usage Life:>50000KM
4. Precision:<3%
5. Usage Temperature:-40`C~120`C
6. Current:<100MA
7. Input Voltage:12V


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide any type of warranty?

We provide 60 day warranty on all aftermarket non-OEM replacement parts. We guarantee our replacement part to be free of defects, and to perform at OEM factory specifications. If any problem arises you can return the part for an exchange or a refund. If you purchased a wrong part by a mistake and would like to return it, 15% restocking fee will be held. Item must be returned in unused condition with original packaging.


I got the part but it doesn't fit / doesn't work?

1) double check the OE number and make sure that you bought the correct part;

2) make sure that this is the only part that needs to be replaced and that you are changing the correct part in your vehicle;

3) Contact us by clicking this link


Do you ship internationally?

We ship worldwide. International shipping is a subject of extra charge.


What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, cashier’s checks, money orders, Western Union. We do not accept personal checks.


I placed an order and paid for it, when will you ship it out?

After your payment is received in full, your order will be shipped out within 1-2 business days to the address you provided in the transaction details. You will receive an automatic email notification with the tracking or delivery confirmation number.


What should I know about my MAF?

Defects and possible causes

Defective and dirty air mass sensors deliver faulty signals. This can have the following consequences:
• Black Smoke
• Power Shortage
• Minimal operation

Possible causes of damage:

• If the air intake tube is porous, dirt particles can find their way into the inducted air. These collide at high speed with the air mass sensor, destroying the sensitive sensor element.
• Excessive oil spray from the crankshaft ventilator can lead to fouling-up the sensor.
• Bad servicing, for instance un-cleanliness when changing air filters, use of wrong or substandard air filters can be the cause of dirt and damage to the air mass sensor.
• Splashed water, for instance from heavy rainfall, can force its way into the clean-air side and damage or dirt clog the sensor. Salt water caused by winter gritting and melting snow increases this effect.
• Oil particles from oil-covered sport air filters can damage or dirt-clog the sensor.

Other sources can also cause an intact air mass sensor to deliver a false signal:
• Defective exhaust-gas recirculation valves
• Defective fuel tank ventilation valves
• Porosity of induction tract
• Clogged air filters

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